Current Clients

Our current clients are some of the global market leaders in their fields, and range from the smaller specialists to the larger conglomerates. Our contract and permanent solutions have been delivered to more than 28 countries to date.

Built on the success of our Software Sales team, we have successfully built an award-winning PreSales division right across the software world. New technology has enabled us to recruit in a number of different markets and build unparalleled candidate networks in the UK, US and mainland Europe. We have placed hundreds of PreSales professionals and founded a thriving PreSales division in a challenging economic environment.

Profesional Services

Our key accounts function also does brisk trade with the traditional areas of the enterprise software world, including the biggest and most established content management, digital, ERP, PLM, business intelligence, CRM, Storage, Security and BSM vendors.

Software Sales

The Enterprise Sales team at Abika consulting have a truly niche specific and highly advantaged position in the enterprise software sales marketplace. With a key focus on emerging vendors in the marketing applications and digital arena, we deal with the primary software vendors in Europe and the North America.

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