Enterprise Sales

Enterprise Sales

The Enterprise Sales team at Abika consulting have a truly niche specific and highly advantaged position in the enterprise software sales marketplace. With a key focus on emerging vendors in the marketing applications and digital arena, we deal with the primary software vendors in Europe and North America.

Our key accounts function also does brisk trade with the traditional areas of the enterprise software world, including the biggest and most established content management, ERP, PLM, business intelligence, CRM, Storage, Security and BSM vendors.

There is not a single application vendor in the Western world that we have not at one time or another been in contact with and who do not welcome a new approach with new talent from Abika.

Almost purely referral based Abika’s expert Enterprise Software consultants are able to draw on the finest and most unique candidate pool. Our exclusive candidates know they are in the best hands and will be connected with the best firms, not only are they loyal to us but they encourage their own networks to join Abika too.

Like the industry we service, Abika Consulting, our staff and our candidates are cutting edge and totally market focussed. We have proven global prestige.

Latest enterprise sales jobs

  • Global VP of sales
  • Regional VP of sales
  • Sales Director
  • Account Director
  • Senior Sales Executive
  • Sales Executive
  • Account manager
  • Territory Sales Executive
  • Inside Sales Manager & BDMs
  • Presales director
  • Presales manager
  • Presales engineer
  • Presales consultant
  • Implementation Consultant
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