Health & Safety Policy

Health and Safety General Statement of Intent

It is our policy to promote a “safety culture” at work by protecting the health, safety and welfare of all our employees, customers and others affected by Abika Consulting LTD by providing healthy and safe working conditions.

Abika Consulting LTD Will Endeavour to:

Promote the standards of this health and safety policy that complies with the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and all other relevant statutory provisions and codes of practice;

Set standards that maintain safe and healthy working conditions, equipment and systems of work for the Agency's employees and others, and to provide such information as well as training and supervision as it is asked for or deemed necessary by the directors – most likely once  a year;

To provide opportunities for safety representatives to contribute to the promotion of a healthy and safe working environment pertaining to equipment used, evacuation procedures in the event of an emergency and also first-aid;

To provide a safe as possible access point to all places of work for permanent employees; and to provide a forum for effective ongoing policy management ; We will endeavour to achieve these objectives by educating our employees on Fire Safety, First Aid, preventative action relating to disease, general behaviours and the management of diversity;

Therefore Abika Consulting LTD  expects all staff both permanent and contracted, to commit to and be involved in validating these objectives by creating and maintaining safe and healthy working conditions at all times.

Our Organisation

Overall responsibility for health and safety in the workplace rests with James Gordon and Joe Armiger, directors of the Agency, and the directors are equally responsible for its effective implementation. This Health and Safety is a responsibility for everyone associated with the Agency, both permanent and contracted.

To achieve and maintain a good standard of H&S practice in our workplace all staff must take responsibility for the health and safety of themselves and of colleagues or anybody else who could be affected by their actions. All staff need to demonstrably cooperate with management in all matters relating to their health, safety and welfare and develop a personal concern for accident prevention.

Our Arrangements

We will provide training on an annual basis for managers and staff to be able to execute this policy effectively.

We have adequate insurance provided by Hiscox to cover eventualities.

Force Majeure


Contractors will be made available to end clients only if they are in possession of any compulsory up to date H&S documentation, relevant to the industry n which they work. Abika Consulting LTD is excluded from holding responsibility for contractors working off of any Abika Consulting LTD site.


Day to day monitoring of Health & Safety will be carried out daily by the directors and it is understood that any employees are to be involved in the ongoing assessment of risk at all times and without exception.

The directors and management committee of Abika Consulting LTD’s offices carry out regular checks of safety equipment, including lifts and fire alarms and fire escapes as well as checking the general condition of all equipment and areas in the offices.

It is the responsibility of the directors to carry out safety audits from time to time.


We can provide the safest working environment possible only by working as a team toward the common goal.

By being alert to danger and anything that can pose a threat to any employee of the Agency, our customers or anyone else associated with us, as well as by promoting a duty of care to those with particular disadvantages either physically, mentally, experience-wise or age-wise we can use this level of attention to promote this statement most effectively.

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