Our Values

Our Values

At Abika we believe and practice our values and mission, nothing else is good enough.

We are all accountable; there are no passengers, ever. Each Director, Manager and Consultant must demonstrate intense commitment, both to excellence and to each other. Any new starters must show this in their personality before they join, alongside deep seated integrity, to always be honest, objective and professional. 

Imperative to our success with clients, candidates and internally is sound communication and the utmost transparency, internally and externally to our organisation. The entire team focuses on our future and recognises and respects that we are inextricably tied to one another.

This teamwork and the strength of delivery of our values and services give us the best performance and allow us to be the best we can be, as individuals and as a unit.


The values by which we work together, of exhibiting total integrity, transparency and commitment to ourselves and our clients and candidates, are of paramount importance to us.

We all adopt these values and make them integral to our way of working, and this enables our proven objective of profitable growth year after year.

Our mission statement is to put client success before our own, by offering total commitment to working in partnership with our clients. To be the very best that we can be both individually and as a team.

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