Top 3 SaaS Recruitment Tips

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Of all the challenges faced by SaaS companies today, hiring the right people to complement an existing team has to be somewhere at the top of that list. When it comes to SaaS recruitment, the ideal candidate needs to be efficient, competent and passionate about their role, and getting these talented individuals on board is one of the top critical growth steps for any SaaS business. The COVID-19 pandemic has seen a huge rise in the demand for SaaS products, creating a huge opportunity for SaaS companies, but also leading to a lot of competition when it comes to hiring new talent. As a result, SaaS recruiters are now having to find new and exciting ways to attract the very best SaaS talent in order to take their business to the next level, and beat out the rivals.

So, what are some of the top recruitment tips your SaaS company should be taking on board in order to get the best possible SaaS candidates on board and sustain some serious growth?

Abika takes a look.

  1. Work Out Who You Really Need To Hire

Before you start searching the huge pools of SaaS talent that are out there and starting the process of hiring, you need to figure out exactly what roles you need to fill and who would be the best candidate to fill them. With SaaS being such a fast-growing industry, it can be tempting to fuel that growth even more quickly by hiring to fulfil an immediate need, rather than assessing what your company will need in the future.

By focusing only on your SaaS company’s immediate recruitment needs, you can end up in a position where you’re ‘coasting’; outgrowing your new employees and creating a stop-start dynamic when it comes to the SaaS recruitment process. This stagnation, in turn, can make it difficult for your hiring team to create and maintain a long-term hiring strategy that is going to take your business to the next level.

To avoid this headache, start your SaaS recruitment process by assessing what it is that your company really needs in terms of SaaS talent, and putting together a hiring strategy that will meet these demands.

Start by identifying any skills gaps within your workforce that need to be filled. Once you’ve done this you have a better chance of working out your hiring priorities, what you need to be able to offer in terms of training, and what areas of the company might need further development. Compare your SaaS companies goals with the skills of who you already have currently working for you in the fields of marketing, sales, customer service and software development – as these are all areas that can change quickly, leaving roles that need to be filled.

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Because the SaaS market has been heavily influenced by the pandemic and the unprecedented rise in remote working – as well as the advancement in new technology – it’s wise to stay one step ahead and understand how these high-level changes can affect the SaaS skills that your business will need to harness in the future. For example, the skills that your team has today may not be relevant ten or fifteen years down the line, so it’s important to focus on SaaS talent that is moving with the times if you want to continue to grow.

Top 3 SaaS Recruitment Tips
Top 3 SaaS Recruitment Tips
  1. Make Sure That You Attract The Right SaaS Candidates

Attracting the right candidate through your SaaS recruitment process is about more than just finding someone who you already know can fit in with the company culture – such someone who has worked for a company you admire, attended the same university as another team member, or simply someone who is enthusiastic and super high energy – as although that may very well be good for office morale and team spirit, there has to be more to it than that.

Search for someone who is an ‘organisational fit’ – that is, someone who will not only fit in with your company, but understands the company’s values and how their work style and ethic fits in with that. This means that instead of making a SaaS hire based purely on a candidate’s qualifications, you’re ensuring that the person you pick has an attitude that complements your company’s structure and who is able to adapt to your way of doing things.

A good way to make sure that this is the type of SaaS talent you’ll attract is to include information in the job description that alludes to this, such as details about your company’s mission, vision and values, as well as a little about your company culture – the idea is to help a potential candidate picture at first glance what working for your brand is all about.

The pool of SaaS talent that is out there is vast, but not as large as the pool of SaaS companies out there all searching for the right candidate, so be sure to let potential employees know what it is about your particular company that makes it an appealing prospect to work for. Including details such as the founder’s story and journey, or a little about the passion you have for your product and service can go a long way in attracting the perfect SaaS candidate in the early recruitment stages.

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Some of the best SaaS job listings include videos and images as an alternative to lots of corporate jargon, and be sure to use clear and concise language to describe the SaaS position that’s available, rather than just focusing on lists of requirements and soft skills.

  1. Try And Source SaaS Candidates From Outside Your Network

Although there are plenty of candidates out there looking to fill technical roles, SaaS recruitment isn’t limited to just that. There are many talented SaaS salespeople, marketing experts, and other key players that could be ready and waiting to fill in the gaps in your SaaS team, and depending on exactly what type of role it is you need to fill, depends on where you might search for the right person.

Don’t be tempted to simply put out an ad and wait for the applications to come rolling in. Reach out to passive candidates; those who are already employed and not currently looking for a new SaaS opportunity within another company. This type of ‘headhunting’ can be achieved by reaching out with personalised messages through social media such as Linkedin, setting out what you’re offering to see if it is a path they might be interested in pursuing – just because someone isn’t actively looking for another job, doesn’t mean they won’t take one if the perfect opportunity presents itself!

Asking your existing team for referrals is another way to access a relatively untapped pool of talent. It’s a good way to find SaaS candidates whom you already know have the experience and skills necessary to fulfil the role, rather than filtering through lots of ‘stranger’ applications.

And then of course there’s sourcing and screening tools that go beyond the usual outreach methods of social media and job ads, such as online recruitment software and video advertising. Automating as much of the SaaS recruitment process as possible makes it easy to create a great shortlist of potential new SaaS hires and makes the process extra smooth.

The hiring market for SaaS talent is only going to become more competitive as time goes on, and so the search for talent must continue to evolve. So future-proof your SaaS recruitment process by working out what skills will benefit your business, both now and further down the line, entice out the very best of SaaS talent, and give them an offer they can’t refuse.