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The Impact of Remote Work on SAAS Recruitment

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It’s been three years since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s safe to say that the changes to the job industry that have occurred as a result are here to stay – with the largest and most impactful being the rise in remote working. For those SaaS companies looking to recruit top talent into the fold, the impact of remote working has had numerous benefits including, most obviously, increased flexibility for employers and employees. For job-seekers, the ability to work from home with many SaaS roles has meant more control over work-life balance, allowing employees to more easily manage their responsibilities outside of the office, with childcare issues and managing medical or mobility issues being two of the obvious ones.

The Benefits for SaaS Companies

For employers, one could argue that the benefits are even greater, with remote working giving SaaS companies the opportunity to tap into a wider pool of talent, since they no longer have to be limited to candidates who live locally. The positive impact on worker-productivity is also a factor that can’t be ignored, with employers benefitting from workers who have fewer distractions and a more comfortable working environment, leading to them being able to focus more on work and ultimately get more done. In addition to this, the lack of a long commute has meant that employees now have more time to devote to work, feel fresher and less tired and therefore end up working longer hours and being more motivated – a win-win situation for any employer.

The Thriving SaaS Industry in the Remote Work Era

While it’s true that different industries have had varying levels of success with remote working, the SaaS industry is one that has thrived under this ‘new normal’, especially with many SaaS companies already being used to working with remote teams and collaborating virtually.

The Changing Face of SaaS Recruitment

But how has this change in the way workforces operate impacted SaaS recruitment?

Remote work had been on the rise for quite some time before the pandemic, with improvements in technology already being used during the SaaS recruitment process to help companies better attract, find, and vet candidates. However, the extra shove provided by the pandemic to an already established system has made those recruitment processes even more streamlined. Attracting top SaaS talent from all over the globe has never been easier, especially for companies who have realized the importance of having a strong employer brand and online reputation. Knowing how a company’s culture supports its employees has become even more important now that employees may not necessarily be working in a central office environment.

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Expanding the Candidate Pool

One of the key factors to how remote working has changed the face of SaaS recruitment is being able to reach out to candidates who may not be central to your company’s location. Highly talented candidates no longer need to be focused on SaaS job opportunities based on where the roles are located, allowing recruiters to cast a much wider net. If your SaaS company isn’t offering remote-specific roles, you could be missing on top SaaS talent, simply because they’re not on your doorstep. Your SaaS company now has the ability to hire talent globally, providing your company with a bigger worldwide presence and allowing you to implement more inclusive hiring practices.

Streamlined Pre-Screening Process

Pre-screening potential candidates during the SaaS recruitment process has also been made easier thanks to remote working, with video conferencing software becoming more popular than ever. Virtual interviewing allows employers to meet potential candidates via Zoom or other video messaging platforms, and means that prospects can meet multiple team members at once, which can help companies make a more informed decision about a new SaaS hire. Pre-screening and skill-testing candidates has become more important than ever now that remote working is king and employees are not supervised during the day.

Assessing Soft Skills for Remote Work Success

Of course, working remotely comes with different challenges to working onsite, so the SaaS recruitment process now has to be tailored to ensure that new hires can not only do the job required of them but that they have the skills necessary to do it successfully from home. Remote workers need to be able to demonstrate their soft skills in addition to technical skills, qualifications, and experience, with one such example being reliability. When recruiting Saas staff to work remotely, you’ll need to carefully assess that potential candidates are able to do their work to a high standard and adhere to deadlines with minimal supervision. Communication and collaboration are other essential soft skills that those recruiting for SaaS roles need to prioritize now that remote working has become more prevalent. ‘Catch-ups’ with your team will be virtual and more infrequent if you have several employees working from home, so it’s important that remote employees are able to communicate clearly with other members of the team, can build rapport, and can easily resolve differences of opinion and misunderstandings – all without being face-to-face.

During the interview process for remote SaaS employees, it’s also vital that you find talent with great problem-solving and organization skills. Remote employees need to be able to find solutions to problems without having to turn to a colleague or manager every step of the way while still giving regular updates to team members to ensure that the remote workforce works smoothly and seamlessly with those working onsite.

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The Advantages of Remote Work in SaaS Recruitment

The rise in remote work in the SaaS industry means that your company can attract high-quality candidates who under ‘normal’ circumstances might not have considered working for you because of family obligations, lifestyle changes, or expenses. This change means that you could potentially have a team at your disposal that spans several time zones, meaning that you can offer a quicker response time to clients and achieve greater round-the-clock progress on projects. There’s also the important matter of employee retention to consider, with a 2017 survey carried out by Deloitte showing that there is a very strong link between remote work and the length of time individuals spend working for a company. A high retention rate means less employee turnover, which will save money on recruiting new hires.

The Cost-Saving Potential of Remote Work

Talking of saving money, another big impact that the rise in remote working has had on the SaaS recruitment process is the cost-saving potential when it comes to running a physical office space. With more employees working from home, you can rent or buy smaller office space (or do away with one altogether), as well as cut down on utility and maintenance bills, and amenities such as kitchen appliances and computers – an attractive prospect for start-up SaaS companies in particular.

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