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Top SaaS Recruitment Resources

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When we think of recruitment resources for SaaS businesses, it’s hard not to reminisce about the (good?) old days of face-to-face interviews, print job ads and cold calling. But times have changed, and as the recruitment world at large turns to more efficient digital resources, these outdated practices are fast going the way of the dinosaurs.

The SaaS recruitment process has undergone a huge overhaul thanks to the digitalisation of the overwhelming majority of businesses, and the most successful companies are the ones that have modernised themselves and are now streamlining their recruitment process with the latest SaaS recruitment tools. It’s these new modern practices that are helping businesses in industries around the globe to hire the very best SaaS talent, perfectly suited to a specific role, at lightning speed – all while using less resources than the traditional hiring methods of old.


What Are SaaS Recruitment Resources And Why Are They So Popular?

Software as a service recruitment resources are types of software that recruiters are finding invaluable worldwide. These types of software are cloud-based, enabling businesses to store a huge array of features and databases that they can access from anywhere – including their mobile devices; an absolute must in today’s remote-working, on-the-go climate. These resources prove incredibly cost-effective for companies, often being available on a subscription basis and eliminating the need for on-premise recruitment software that requires not only an existing IT infrastructure, but also additional maintenance staff.

Ease of use is another huge draw that makes SaaS recruitment resources popular with businesses, as they allow easy transfer or existing data, and can be quickly and easily integrated into other systems.

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What Are Some Of The Top Recruitment Resources?

With demand for SaaS recruitment resources at an all-time high, it’s no wonder that it is a buyers market, with tons of options available to suit companies of all sizes and on all budgets – whatever their needs might be.

Abika takes a look at some of the top SaaS recruitment resources available:


  1. Breezy HR

It’s the mundane and repetitive tasks that can end up slowing the wheels of your well-oiled business machine, but Breezy HR offers a system that can automate and eliminate these. Aimed at small to medium-sized businesses, this SaaS recruitment resource makes short work of organising candidates, advertising jobs, collating reports and analytics, and collaborating your teams.


  1. Cloudrecruit

Another system designed with small to medium-sized businesses in mind, Cloudrecruit is an incredibly user-friendly platform that allows you to track candidates, automate the job marketing process and send automated emails and messages.


  1. Greenhouse

Greenhouse is an incredibly comprehensive SaaS recruitment resource that can handle anything you throw at it – whether you’re a small startup or a larger corporation. This ATS and CRM platform uses targeted interviews and career pages in order to allow you enjoy a better candidate experience, and supports over 400 integrations, as well as providing customisable email templates and channels for sourcing new candidates.


  1. JazzHR

This is a SaaS recruitment system that cleverly partners with Linkedin, SalesForce etc, to give you access to a larger pool of SaaS talent from which to choose. Tools include custom and employee branding, collaborative hiring and talent sourcing. It’s an attractive option for those who want to streamline their entire recruitment process

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  1. SmartRecruiters

Features of SmartRecruiters recruitment resource include talent sourcing, recruitment analytics, mobile recruitment, and a candidate tracking system. This powerful cloud-based platform means that you can reach out globally to your talent pool and easily and quickly engage them with your HR team.


  1. Jobsoid

If keeping your HR team productive while identifying the best candidates for the job is at the top of your ‘to-do’ list, this ATS and SaaS recruitment tool has got you covered. Jobsoid helps you to attract SaaS talent through social networking and online job boards, sending potential candidates personalised messages.

All the regular features are there too, including reports and analytics, team collaboration, and job advertising functions.


  1. Jobvite

Branded as an end-to-end SaaS recruitment solution that is suitable for businesses in any industry, Jobvite is all about helping you hire the best recruits – whether you’re adding to a team of 500 employees or 50,000. Features of this agile platform include chatbots and onboarding, as well as college recruitment and virtual recruitment.


With so many SaaS recruitment resources out there, finding one that suits the needs of your company couldn’t be easier, making finding the very best SaaS talent simple, stress-free and, most importantly, cost effective.